MEMOIR,  by Vijay Likhite

MEMOIR, by Vijay Likhite

Many days have passed since I woke up

From the snooze at the window seat of the local train

It has been many days since I lay down on moist grass

Watching the brightening eastern sky

It was many days ago that I got drenched

In the starlight of a no moon night

It was a long time back that I cleared my way

From the shrubs of the hilltop   


It has been a long time since I tried       

To gather the moon rays entering my bedroom

It was in a distant past that I got titillated

In the sprinkles of old film songs               

It has been a long time since I had a

Tantalizing drink session with my friends

It has been quite some time since I lost hundreds of rupees

Playing three cards with long lost friends  


For months I had no heated arguments

With my friends over the performance of a film actor

Many days have passed since I opened my heart up

and scribbled on a blank paper

I wonder whether the stranglehold of Covid-19, the world over

Has blunted my sensitive heartbeats

Or the news of the deaths of known and adored persons

Has blinded the sight of my inmost mind and made me myopic

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