What the Haiku Winners

What the Haiku Winners

1st Place Winning Haiku in Oprelle’s “What the Haiku” Contest:

For all the wonders
the oven produces, the
sink sees the horrors.

By Joyce Nash



Joyce Nash currently lives in an area of Southern California that was once home to the Kawaiisu people. She is a reader and a writer, but she tries not to let that get in the way of her daily practices of gratitude, kindness, and revolution. See more at JoyceNashWrites.com


2nd Place Winning Haiku in Oprelle’s “What the Haiku” Contest:

Destructive Goddess
holding a vacuum cleaner
- spiders on the run.

By Michaela Achelis


Michaela Achelis is a human being beautifully and awfully trapped in life (placed in Slovakia), who has always found art a necessary part of life because it enables her to express and understand. She is a language teacher who studied German Language and Literature and Visual Arts and has always been passionately interested in art, language, philosophy and psychology. She has discovered poetry as her way of exploring life, expressing herself and being in the world.


3rd Place Winning Haiku in Oprelle’s “What the Haiku” Contest:

A COVID mask blows
across the parking lot, a
modern tumbleweed.

By, Emily Rose Miller


Emily Rose Miller (she/her) graduated magna cum laude from Saint Leo University where she received her BA in English with a specialization in creative writing. Her work has been published in Capsule Stories, Backlash Press Journal, and Red Cedar Review, among others. Find her online at emilyrosemiller.com, on Instagram and Twitter @actualprincessemily and @Em_Rose_Miller, respectively, or in real life in Orlando, Florida with her partner and many houseplants.

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