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Hi! I’m Dr. C., and I believe that you can do more than you have ever thought possible. I‘ve spent my career as a lover of words…in my roles as a teacher – in both high school and at state university – and now as a book publisher and your publishing partner. Enthralled by the ways the written word can make us feel, I earned my undergraduate degree in Secondary Education/English. With a love of books, and of helping others, I went on to get my master’s and then my Ph.D. in Instructional Management and Leadership. Blending my love of words, my education, and now my experience as a book publisher, I recognize what a powerfully valuable resource I can be in helping bring your words to life. I work with individuals who feel stuck and need inspiration and guidance or simply the right tools or contacts to get their book finished. I consult with many who may only have an initial concept. I work with emerging authors who have a manuscript in hand and are unsure of the next steps. I work with seasoned authors too – those who have a book out and need interview exposure and/or an author image and platform.

Our Team


"So how, children, does the brain, which lives without a spark of light, build for us a world full of light?"

—Anthony Doerr


Karen Croftcheck, Ph.D. (Dr. C.)

  • BA in Secondary Education/ English
  • MAT Masters of Arts in Teaching
  • Ph. D. Instructional Management and Leadership
  • Published Author
  • Personal Development Coach
  • Award Winning Educator
  • University Supervisor
  • President of Oprelle Publications LLC
  • Television experience
  • Studied Dale Carnegie
  • Studied Anthony Robbin