Hybrid Publication

We Are Currently Accepting Submissions for Hybrid Publications. Bun Run Press and MindSync are imprints of Oprelle Publications, LLC.

MindSync and Bun Run Press were created to give more talented writers an opportunity to see their books in print. We want to help many authors, while keeping our standards for acceptance exceptionally high, <20%. For Oprelle, the big picture matters. You and your backstory and your reason for writing are as important to us as your talent with words.

You can apply with just your first 10 pages or your full manuscript. If we are interested in learning more, we contact you within four weeks to set up a Zoom. Here we can learn about each other and decide if we can be a good collaborative fit. We believe that a solid relationship between publisher and author makes for a more authentic book. In the meantime, feel free to set up a live consultation to help answer any questions.

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