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This Unique Poetry Bundle captures so many soulful, heart-wrenching, funny, and thought-provoking poems from across the world. 5 Stars! Poetry books are so easy to pick up and read just a few or 100 pages! Curl up with these wonderful reads over the holidays!

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Oprelle Publications would like to express our great appreciation to the emerging poets who entered the Oxbow Contest. We know that your words are deeply meaningful and personal to you, and we value them dearly. You all have our great respect for your wonderfully thought-provoking entries, and this contest was particularly close. It was difficult to choose only three winners because we really enjoy your poetry.



Team Oprelle accepts unsolicited submissions from time to time through the year. We are fans of Self -Help, Children’s Books, Historical Fiction, YA, Romance and Metaphysical books.

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Part of Team Oprelle’s mission is not only to discover talent, but also to help our writers to grow their works into polished submission and/or publication ready pieces.

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All around us are elements of writing greatness. Team Oprelle seeks to encourage and cultivate talented writers to grow into their fullest potentials. Oprelle seeks to be recognized as a platform that helps and highlights only the kinds of writing that gives you goosebumps, or makes you feel hopeful and alive. In addition to that, we hope to share our gratitude for your words by giving back to causes close to our hearts: local community school programs, scholarships that encourage the arts, and to the World Wildlife Fund.