Congratulations to Our Contest Winners!

Dear Talented and Soulful Poets,
We are honored and happy to announce the winners of our 2023 “Coming Home” Poetry Contest. More than anything, we want to express our gratitude for sharing your hearts with us. Your entries truly gave us a broader perspective on the many ways that we each perceive home. This particular contest will hold a special place in our hearts. We look forward to a beautiful book that will draw readers into that extraordinary place will all yearn for…home. Without further ado, announcing our winners:


- 1st –

"Northern Needles"
- Rose Antol


- 2nd –

- Pardeep Jindal


- 3rd

“Where the Heart Lives”
- Ann Chiappetta



Sandra Phoenix, After the Fire
Emily Rose Miller, Camping Sonnet
Bliss Serric, Mercy
Pat Haiste, On the Edge of a Mossy Parkland Forest
Cheryl Rozek, Home Come Find Me
Sara VanderClute, Memories of Mistletoe
Lina Buividavičiūtė, Why I am still here
Julia Williamson, Waking Up
Alexis Kienlen, prairie dweller


Tessa Lunderville, The apple and the tree
Jennfer M Phillips, Getting There
Charles Elliott, Home
Nell Waters, Home Steady in California
George Harvilla, Architectural Design for a Sustainable Home
Cami Rumble, Sitting on the Pool Step
Jennifer Tooker, Home for the AlltheDays
Haley Blaze, Homesick
Krystyna Fedosejevs, The Place I Call Home
Marie Sørensen, Coming Home
Teresa Burleson, Homesick
Parvathy Viswanathan, Nothing Else Can Be Home
Janet Tabora, Gratitude
Lynda McKinney Lambert, The chilly breeze
Robert B. Robeson, Home Is Where The Heart Is
Steven Darter, With Her
Celia Vergon, The Greener Grass
J. J. Galluzzo, Coming Home Forever
Tudor Zărnescu, Home
Cheryl Rozek, Home Come Find Me
Q Troupe, Ode to my Mother's Garden
Bridgitte Rodguez, Two Islands
Aleksander Culver, In Limbo between Homes
Kristeen Cherney, Flat Island
Stephen Colley, Collied Carpets
Gloria Demasi, For Mother