Oprelle Masters Anthology - 2024

Mastering a craft takes time… and patience, dedication, skill, humility, and most of all, passion. It’s never easy; the road to mastery is full of obstacles: self-doubt, time restraints, creative blocks, and discouragement, but the end result is always so worth the trials you overcame to get there. And, as pioneer of Egyptian architecture Hassan Fathy puts it, once you’ve mastered the craft, the options are endless. You can pursue any purpose you choose.

Each of Oprelle Publication’s five 2022 Poetry Masters have shared and conveyed their own personal purpose, in both their writing inspiration and poems themselves and Team Oprelle is just in awe of them. These five, extraordinary poets have allowed us to carry out our own purpose as a publishing company: to feature and share writing of the highest caliber and to uplift voices that simply need to be heard.


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Categories: Kids Books, New Books

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