"Bigger Than Me" Poetry Contest Information

15.00 Per Entry
Go deep for this one. So often we read poetry that touches us on the deepest of levels. We are reminded of the amazing power within our souls, and the energy of everything. We are particularly looking for poems that seem to attribute happenings to some force that is bigger than ourselves. Oprelle’s “Bigger Than Me” Contest is looking for your musings on any topic, such as:

  • A strong coincidence
  • A clear sign
  • A calling
  • A love story
  • A unique connection
  • A path you must take
  • Road rising to meet you
  • Divine reciprocity
  • Power of our thoughts
  • Strength of a soul
  • A string of events
  • The connection of all

You get the idea. Use one of our ideas, or come up with your own. This is sure to be a most intriguing anthology, and we are already looking forward to your poems.

Your poem can be simple and uplifting, or complicated and metaphorical; any style works, if you follow the rules and write between 1 and 20 lines. Oh, and make sure your poetry is 100% original. We will consider both published and unpublished poems.

    Submit your best poem to enter.

    Full Rules & Info


    Contest entries for the "Bigger Than Me" Contest will be accepted now through September 1, 2021. Winners will receive a letter and prize winnings by regular mail. Oprelle’s Poetry Contest winners will be posted on our site upon the conclusion of the contest.


    1st –

    $200 in cash winnings.

  • 1st Place Poetry Certificate
  • Prime Anthology Placement (Back cover and First page of the “Bigger Than Me” Anthology)
  • Free paperback copy of the “Bigger Than Me” Anthology”
  • A featured position on Oprelle.com.
  • 2nd –

    $100 in cash winnings.

  • 2nd Place Poetry Certificate
  • Prime Anthology Placement (Second poem in the “Bigger Than Me” Anthology)
  • 3rd –

    $50.00 in cash winnings.

  • 3rd Place Poetry Certificate
  • Prime Anthology Placement – (Third poem in “Bigger Than Me” Anthology)

  • Additional Finalists

    • (Up to 60) will receive publication in the “Bigger Than Me” Anthology


    The contest is open to anyone age 14 and up who writes poetry. Parents or Guardians can submit on behalf of their children who are ages 14-17.


    Each poem will be judged from a panel of three award-winning poets/writers. Final judging decisions will be made by our main judge, Gerry LaFemina.


    Up to 60 Contestants who reach the Finalist stage of the contest will be published in the “Bigger Than Me” Anthology. There will be no royalties paid to contributors of anthologies. This Anthology will be available for purchase through Amazon.com….and possibly bookstores worldwide. By submitting a poem to our contest… you accept that, if selected, your entry may other appear online and in print in any Oprelle Publications Books and Websites. We reserve the right to not publish a poem for any reason.


    The “Bigger Than Me” Anthology will be copyrighted as a compilation. All individual works remain the property of the author.