Kate Furlong

"the girl becomes a martyr when she lives seeing in a world where she is better off blind. "

-star tipping

in a dress made for a girl
much softer than me, I am



& dancing

to the song that never ends

river bodies

I run to Georgia
at the first sign of frost
when the ache arrives &
the sun moves on &
I can’t remember
how to bring warmth
without starting fires

she teaches me in honey
about waiting & what for,
lays me down under a ceiling fan
says “slow it down” until I can
make out a single blade spinning
giving us both air

to breathe in Georgia
even though she knows I’ll be leaving
soon the ache will find me here
when the streets become familiar
in the way that they are never enough

to see everything in Georgia
would still leave me wanting more

of the wind that bellows through the pines
blowing the water in these bones
closer to the shore
that gives itself to the sea
in chunks & pieces
turning roads into rivers

teaching me what it is
to finally return home.