Congratulations to Our Contest Winners!

You’ve done it again poets...given our judges the extremely difficult task of having to choose between you. The submissions we received for our “Into Pieces” Poetry Contest were some of the most touching, talented, and heart-wrenching poems we have yet to have the privilege of reading and judging. You were tasked with writing about an event that tore you to pieces… and we know that sharing your stories wasn’t easy for any of you. But, you used your gifts of artistry to create something beautiful out of your pain and we at Oprelle Publications want to genuinely thank you for sharing those special and vulnerable pieces of your soul with us. Without further ado, here are the winners and finalists of our “Into Pieces” contest.


- 1st –

"Black milk"
- Michaela Achelis


- 2nd (TIE) –

"When Your Mother Suggest Scrapbooking As A Form Of Therapy"
- Kathleen Latham


"The Jacket"
- Beth Morris


- 3rd (TIE)

“Nottingham Sky”
- Roger Craik


“A letter to a child of war”
- Buividavičiūtė



- Honorable Mention

“James Norman”
- Diane Redleaf


“From Certain Distances in Space I Still See My Brother”
- Gary Beaumier




Below is the list of all Finalists.
(Shortlisted Finalists are in Bold.)

All Finalists would be published if these poems are used in an “Into Pieces” Anthology.

No fairy tale ending, Odile McCarthy
The Awesome Power of Glacial Exfoliation, Linda Rosewood
Scheherazade, Lauren Williams
Dear 75th Anniversary Holocaust Survivor, Ailish NicPhaidin
The Complete History of Our First Kiss, Gary Beaumier
Make Me Feel, Virgina Parfitt
Obit: Childhood, Kait Quinn
And For My Next Trick, I Relive My Past Trauma, Kait Quinn
Let’s walk home… it’s been a good day, Jennifer Brookins
Demonic snow, Nan Williamson
Between the Longing and the Real, Gary Beaumier
Hospitals, Lina Buividavičiūtė
how much do we travel through photographs?, Andrew Todd
How to Read a Father, Sarkis Antonyan
In the Year of Our Lord 2020, Mary Langer Thompson
The Dimensions Of Your Soul, Gary Beaumier
A daughter’s heart, Sherri Burdick
Siren Song, J.V. Foerster

Elegy for my Parents, Judie Holcomb-Pack
If You See Her, Miguel Hernández
Widow’s Walk, A.E. Swaney
sounds made by a foolish man, Atheneum Smith
Without, Kimberly Clemons
Disturbed, Kimberly Clemons
With Peter in mind, Michaela Achelis
I don’t know, Michaela Achelis
Tearing Out The Garden, Kate DeLorme
Stunned at trusting air that became solid, Allen Pleus
Longing for melancholy planet, Lina Buividavičiūtė
in september, you betrayed me, Rebecca Onken
33, Charleston House (a state of mind), Roger Craik
Nothing Left to Maintain, Olivia Stogner
Did you know?, Lissi Seneway Blanchard
Saying Good-Bye to Suicide, Ellaraine Lockie
Apathy (The Heaviness of My Hand), Lina Buividavičiūtė
On Devils and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Lina Buividavičiūtė
Solitary, Cynthia Griffin
I do not feel the love of life that I once did, Joshua Sofra
Pillow Talk, Dana Kinsey
Unwound, John Paul Caponigro
A Mistake, Josephine Mitchell
The Affair, Ellen Leary
heard in the shell, Nan Williamson