Thank You

Oprelle Publications is very proud, honored, and humbled in announcing the winners of our 2021 “Love This” Poetry Contest. The caliber of writing and the competition was intense this year. 


- 1st –

Hunger for Awe (Blue Marble)
- Zed Sevcikova Sehyr

- 2nd –

- Naomi Cornejo

- 3rd (Tie)–

Love Street Blues
– Alison Jennings

Unable to Misinterpret
– Adriano Timoteo Llosa


Stendhal's syndrome, Lina Buividaviciute
Generation of Depeche Mode, Lina Buividaviciute
Love for melancholy planet, Lina Buividaviciute
CLINIC OF (WO)MEN PAIN, Lina Buividaviciute
agape, Tanya Clary
Dreams, Donna Whitney
Bearded, Jennifer Harrison
Pink morning, Michaela Achelis
BOUND TO LOVE, James Ph Kotsybar
body scrub saves my sanity, Jessamy Cacciatore
Love the Horizon and All Her People (Shakespearean sonnet),Rekha Ramani
For the love of mangoes, Stuart Chape
"It's Day One Again Tomorrow" Manolo Mercado Jr.
Swedish Pancakes, Ingrid Andersson
DOE AND FAWN , Dianalee velie
Red, Dianne Alvine
Oh Snow! Shelley Smithson
(my bipolar moon), Caleb Courtney
Traveling nature, ROSIE Vaca
Rain, Josephine Mitchell
Butterfly, Marjorie Valentine Bates
Stop The Rain, Ella Jackson
Brief Moments, Relatively! Graeme Foley
Nightly Lover, Holly Ballew
Word Storm, Minor
Ode to my Minivan , Leilani Fitzgerald
The flow of my Heart, Christine Self
On the Polyamory of Laughter, Kadie Smolock
LOVING BEING ALONE-, Joshua Bramblett
Maybe It’s Six Characters Who’ve Been Looking For Me, michael pacholski
In Love With God, Honali Guest
Singing eyes, Peter Di Rosa
Cheers to Liberty, Areyanna McCarthy
One elegant orchestra, Jason Aldred
TIME, Sandra Doolan
Mars, Nicole Islinger
LITTLE THINGS, Lindsey Leggett
Devotion, Christopher Thomas
MAKE MINE MUSIC, Akilah Thackston
Bonding: A Portrait , Pardeep Jindal
for the love of solitude, Jessamy Cacciatore
My Body, Anne Greenawalt
Love Doesn't Wait, julianne Kavoussi
Tyler, Judith Waynai
Eons upon eons, Caroline Hayes
The Snow Queen, Sofia Ortiz
"Ribbons", India Braemer
Love this world, Michaela Achelis
Making Art, Yvonne Glasgow
Just for the Love of it.
My Rope and Me. Lewis Parry
Constellation, Alex Justice
Womb of the Earth, Eric Kotsopoulos
Night, Eric Kotsopoulos
“Passionate for Punctuation”, Dean Gessie
Love Song at Sea for Greater Boston Legal Services, Michelle Lerner
Dance, Jan Marshall
instrument or music, Tim Torre
I hated it, I love her, Nuno Pereira
Love-Story, John Barone
Vellichor, Jacqueline Zhou
Rosemont, IL, Arabella Pick
There's a spark about me, Jerald Walp
“Love this thing called music” Erica Ramey
Dear Little Things, Huai Shu Ching
Best lovers/About books, Lina Buividaviciute
Munchausen Syndrome /Love for sickness , Lina Buividaviciute
I dance through the fields, Elliott Blackmore
For the Love of Poetry, Meghna Anand
A Quiet Supper by Erin Mikals
Love. Fear. Acceptance, Norrel Sainsott
Sight, Rita Awad
AirPods, Renee Flannagan
Beauty in Struggle and Change , Mercedes Thiessen
But what is a house?, Kadie Smolock
Love this, shove this? Garth Johnson
The Trip, Adriano Llosa
Cyclic Soul, Alexander Perry


Congratulations to all of our Winners and Finalists. We loved all of your poems! Please email if there are any needed changes to titles or names. All the Best! Oprelle Staff