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Oprelle is thinking about love this month, and the many things that we might love. For instance, football, smiles, the sound of thunder, sea mist, a life of our own… etc. Hence, this time your love poems are to be about anything you love that is not another human being. Think of something that brings you joy, or happiness, or peace, or healing. (Animals, emotions, items, events, etc. are OK)
Your poem can be simple and uplifting, or complicated and metaphorical; any style works, if you follow the rules and write 14 or less lines. Oh, and make sure your poetry is 100% original. We will consider both published and unpublished poems.

Full Rules & Info


Contest entries for "Love This!" will be accepted January 11th, 2021 through February 11th, 2012. The top three winners will receive a letter and prize winnings by regular mail. Winners may be called to verify their identities. The names of all winners and finalists will be posted on our site.

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1st –

$200.00 - 1st Place Certificate - Prime Anthology Placement (Back cover and Middle page of “Love This” Anthology) - Free paperback copy of “Love This!” A featured position for a minimum of one week on Oprelle Publication’s Website.

2nd –

$100.00 - 2nd Place Certificate - Prime Anthology Placement (1st poem in “Love This” Anthology) - Free paperback copy of “Love This” Anthology.

3rd –

$50.00- 3rd Place Certificate - Prime Anthology Placement – (Last poem in “Love This” Anthology) Free paperback copy of “Love This” Anthology.

Additional Finalists (80-120) will receive publication in the in “Love This” Anthology.


The contest is open to anyone age 14 and up who writes poetry.


A minimum of 2 winning writers must present an overall score of 1 to 5 stars on each scoring item in our rubric…with 4.4 etc. being acceptable scores. Highest possible score is a 25. In the event of a tie, at least one more judge will be asked to participate.


Contestants who reach the Finalist stage of the contest (between 80 and 120) will be featured in the “Love This” Anthology. All finalists will receive a free digital copy of the anthology.

This anthology will be available for purchase through Amazon.com and possibly other bookstores worldwide. By submitting a poem to our contest… you accept that, if selected, your entry may appear online and in print in any Oprelle Publications, Affiliates, Books and Websites.
Finally, really great writers can be published in something that reminds us of all the great and eccentric and wonderful things we have to love!


Dear Basketball,
“I gave you my heart
I played through the sweat and the hurt, not because
CHALLENGE called me but
because You called me.”

“when my soul – my self’s own self –
wasn’t wandering pasture & woodland,
its home was the barn. Savagely hand-hewn
timbers (held together, as nearly as I could
discover, by sheer love, with a wooden peg
now & again for luck) supported this dark big
coolish haven of enchantment.”

― E.E. Cummings

I learned
to love my scars
by forgiving those
who gave them to me,
including myself.

Love is easier to carry
than hate.