The top three winners will receive a letter and prize winnings by regular mail. Winners may be called to verify their identities. All winning entries will be posted on our site. Winners names will only be posted with author’s permission. Contest entries for Matter will be accepted August 15th through September 30th of 2020.

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1st –

$200.00 - 1st Place Certificate - Prime Anthology Placement (Back cover of Book) - Free copy of “Matter.” A featured position for a minimum of one week on Oprelle Publication’s Website.

2nd –

$100.00 - 2nd Place Certificate - Prime Anthology Placement (First Page) - Free copy of “Matter.”

3rd –

$50.00- 3rd Place Certificate - Prime Anthology Placement – (Last Page) Free copy of “Matter.”

Semi-Finalists (Up to 150) will receive publication in the “Matter” Anthology. Finally, really great writers can be published in something that Matters! Anthologies containing our winners’ works will be available for purchase on Amazon. (Possibly for Christmas 2020.)


Oprelle Publications enjoys finding “diamonds in the rough.” O.P. wants to recognize hidden talent by giving writers a chance to be published. 2020’s book project is an Anthology entitled “Matter.” Poetry entries should apply to this basic “matter” concept; in any way you may interpret that. Shakespeare’s Queen Gertrude once requested “more matter with less art…” Meaning, give me something of substance.

Full Rules & Info

This Contest is all about "Matter"

Matter can mean so many things to so many different people.

  • • Black lives matter
  • • Our pain matters
  • • Laughter matters
  • • We are made of star matter
  • • Being here…
  • • Everything
  • • Nothing

Use Your Creativity

There are a million varying ways you can interpret this Anthology title. The word “matter” does not need to be included in your poem. (The omission of it is encouraged. We don’t want readers to be overwhelmed.) Just make it your own.


“Inside of this darkness
That I love so well,
I search for my pieces
that broke when I fell.
A mosaic of strength
built for your eye to feast,
I came to hell shaken
But I’m leaving, a beast.”

-CWpoet <3

“Every time I hold your hand in the night and look at that star, I remember the fact that it is millions of light years away from us, we are looking at its past and it doesn't exist anymore and I always end up feeling, what if we both are made up of the dust of the same star we are staring at.”

― Akshay Vasu

then one day
she just decided
she would live
for herself,
and not for others,
and nobody
had the power
to make her

– Mark Anthony