"What the Haiku" Poetry Contest Information

5.00 Per Entry
For just a moment, let’s stop taking ourselves so seriously and write a non-traditional haiku! Not to disrespect the form, but to use the nuances of specific syllables ( 5 – 7 – 5) to express anything out-of-the-box or outrageous! From venting your annoyance, to tossing your best pick-up lines, to musings on space travel. There were no barriers! Just fun with language! Wherever your creativity takes you! We are looking for originality and relevance to current life.

Just get intensely creative! Your haiku can be simple and uplifting, daring or outlandish. Just follow the rules and make sure your poetry is 100% original.

    Submit your best poem to enter.

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    Contest entries for "What the Haiku" Contest will be accepted now through September 1, 2021. Winners will receive a letter and prize winnings by regular mail. Oprelle’s Poetry Contest winners will be posted on our site upon the conclusion of the contest.


    1st –

    $100 in cash winnings.

  • 1st Place Poetry Certificate
  • Winner’s Certificate, picture and haiku on Oprelle.com
  • 2nd –

    $50 in cash winnings.

  • Winner’s Certificate, picture and haiku on Oprelle.com
  • 3rd –

    $25.00 in cash winnings.

  • Winner’s Certificate, picture and haiku on Oprelle.com

  • Additional Finalists

    • (Up to 100) will each receive a “Finalist” Certificate.


    Anyone, your information must be able to be verified.


    Each poem will be judged from a panel of three award-winning poets/writers. Final judging decisions will be made by our main judges, Maren Krizner and Gabby Kolencik.


    “Make a new Haiku
    Silly, Strong, Daring, or Cool

    “Hey…wanna party?
    I have just the place for us!
    Show up with chaps on!"

    “I want to go too!
    On a spaceship with Jeff!
    Can I ride for free?"