General Critique: $40

In hopes to be accessible to all our authors, we are offering basic critiques at our lowest price. We will read the first 10-20 pages of your book and provide you with a one-page critique analyzing your book in the key areas of writing style, structure, storyline, characterization, and dialogue. We will provide mostly general comments about each of these zones to point you in an improved direction, as well as a couple specifics details, like certain scenes that could be revamped, to get you started.

Writing Style Critique: $60

Writing Style is one of the most crucial aspects of writing, but the hardest to teach, as most of what defines a great writing style is your personal voice as an author. But, while we can’t define your distinctive style for you, there are techniques we can help you refine to enhance your overall authorial voice and your book’s quality and marketability. One of the most common mistakes authors make, especially when writing fiction, is doing too much ‘telling’ and not enough ‘showing’. Readers need to be immersed in the story, not just told what happens. In this critique, you will be provided a one-page list of specific instances where your writing style could be improved: sentence structure edits, diction changes, and scenes that should be shown, not told.

First 10 Pages Critique: $100

Readers know whether or not they want to continue reading a book within the first ten pages, so making them as powerful and engaging as you can is absolutely critical to your book’s success. In a first-ten pages critique, we will essentially make final edits on your first 10 pages as if we were editing the entire book for publication. We will give general suggestions as to how to make your hook more compelling and make extensive line-by- line edits in the margins that not only change tiny grammatical or spelling mistakes but that will also highlight changes we suggest making to your writing style, characterization, structure, dialogue, etc. We will also clean all it up, making those specific changes we suggest in a separate word document with just the first 10 pages rewritten, which we will send directly back to you.

Upscaling Critique: $140

For this critique, we are again offering our expert suggestions, but on your work as a whole. We will read what you currently have in its entirety and will send back to you a two-page document with our suggestions. The first page will consist of praises and general suggestions for change in the aforementioned areas of writing style, plotline, structure, characterization, dialogue, and other applicable areas to your unique book. The second page will be more specific, going through and highlighting certain moments, scenes, and sentences that should be enhanced in an easy-to-read list. So, you will receive both general constructive comments and detailed specifics to immediately elevate your book to the next level, getting it so much closer to being ready for publication.

Final Edits: $1.50 per page

If you believe your book to be very close to the best of its potential, we are offering final editing services. At a flat rate per page, our professional editors will conduct meticulous line edits throughout the entirety of your book, making changes as they see fit in the margins, or with the author’s permission, making changes directly to the manuscript to cut back on the author’s workload. Publication will be highly considered after final editing, but you would still be welcome to use our edited version if we decide not to go further with your book.

Illustration: quoted per job

We have a team of freelance and staff illustrators that could be commissioned to illustrate your children’s or poetry book. They specialize in cover designs as well. Price would be quoted per specific book.