The Butter Knife Theory: Find Your Light - by Dr. Karen Croftcheck

The Butter Knife Theory’s author is a leadership speaker, a teacher, and a mom who encountered a unique set of circumstances. After giving a motivational seminar one day, Dr. Karen was approached by a woman who commented, ‘I really liked all you said, but I just can’t seem to get myself off the couch. How do I get myself to start any of these things?” This dilemma was weighing on Dr. Karen’s mind. One evening, she was sitting in her couch, exhausted and in dread of cleaning the evening’s dishes. She felt as if a force field of energy was holding her back from getting started on her task. It was at that moment that she realized what the force field feeling was. The feeling was her own brain protecting her. You see, her brain must have been signaled that a possible unpleasant situation was ahead. Hence, her brain put up that force field. It is the same force field of energy that holds you back from touching fire or jumping off a cliff… only your brain doesn’t differentiate between the circumstances. So she thought, “What f I can just propel myself into doing one very small action only, like washing one butter knife?” Then she did go do that one small thing. What seemed to happen next was that the small action taught her brain that there was no real danger ahead. The force field was dropped, and the task was easily continued. The Butter Knife Theory (BKT) was born. Around the same time, Dr. Karen was teaching a group of older teenagers. They were often coming to her with emotional challenges of becoming adults. Dr. Karen decided to use The Butter Knife Theory to teach her students and friends. The BKT suggests that stepping into your life’s challenges with one small action, as opposed to running from them, helps to drop the force field and allow you the momentum to continue. In the BKT, 21 common challenges are given singular breakthrough moves. One small move can be pivotal…. The BKT has proven to be a reliable and inspiring book and is particularly appreciated by young adults. Dr. Karen welcomes your stories about "the learn" and the momentum you create as you embrace these singular moves and head straight into your challenges.


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