Oprelle Masters Anthology

“I haven’t yet read a collection from poets where every single poem is this captivating and inspiring.”
B. Suddeth

A brilliant compilation of poems from
5 award-winning poets, each with their own featured collection.

Ellaraine Lockie perfectly describes the stunning beauty of the extraordinary… and also how to find beauty in the everyday.

Kate Furlong effortlessly captures the lost and frustrated feelings of those just trying to figure life, and themselves, out. It’s incredibly easy to relate to her words.

S. Erin Batiste’s vulnerability displayed took my breath away. She held absolutely nothing back.

Cathy Miller effectively pulls you into her world, and even her short, simple poems are full of grace.

Dean Gessie will shock and impact you in the best way, with his poetry effectively showing the truths of the world around us in words you would never expect.


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