For the Story-Tellers...

For the Story-Tellers...

"There is nothing more human than to tell a story.  In terms of abstract thinking, the fabrication of a series of events takes an impressive amount of mental processing.  And characters?  The creation of an entire person?  It’s an astounding feat.  There is so much awareness, awakeness, that is required to create a character.  First, we must be aware of how other people act.  Then, we must be capable of enough hypothetical forethought and empathy to be able to understand why people act the way they do.  The creation of a character is an incredibly complex process that requires the creator to be capable of intense self-evaluation and an understanding of the human experience.  

And yet, children begin having imaginary friends at as young as three years old.  We begin to tell stories almost as soon as we are able to grasp language in our sticky little hands.  All this is to say: if you have a story, tell it.  Even if you don’t consider yourself a “writer”, even if it’s deeply and embarrassingly personal, even if you think it’s absolute garbage; tell it.  It’s your right.  Creation is your biological legacy, do not be too afraid of mediocrity to partake in it.  It’s your right, so write.



Maren Krizner"

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