The Importance of Poets

The Importance of Poets

By Brooke Suddeth
Managing Editor
Oprelle Publications, LLC


I remember my first desire clearly. It occurred before the age of five, before I ever attended school and before I really knew anything about the world at all. I picked up a newspaper, flipped through the pages carefully and felt my heart begin to pound. There was absolutely nothing more that I wanted in that moment than to be able to read. I ran to my grandfather, begged him to teach me and from that moment on, I have dedicated my life to reading. It became everything to me: a source of entertainment, a way to educate myself, a way to escape the harshness of reality… and to discover the beauty in daily life, a hopeful career, and my overall primary source of joy. Sometimes it feels like I’ve made reading my entire personality, and I know most of you can relate! Over the years, I’ve gravitated more towards fiction, but I’m always going to hold another style dear to my heart. Poetry.


There’s nothing more expressive, timeless, and passionate than poetry. We all know that initial feeling when you read a poem that raises your goosebumps. You shake your head in disbelief that somebody else could possibly know the exact same feeling you have and be able to communicate it so perfectly. You read that one line that over and over again, obsessively, because it literally takes over your mind. Somebody wrote that. A human being… and I, like many other avid readers, often forget to acknowledge the soul behind the work that so deeply moved us.


Poets and writers of all calibers need to be appreciated and furthermore, celebrated. Their ability to put the pen to paper, their vulnerability that they leave on the page for all to see, and the artistry it takes to see the world differently and string words together in that perfect way, are all things that can’t be taken for granted.


Poets are the backbone of society, as proven simply by how long poetry has inspired humanity. Poetry has existed long before the pen and paper, in music and verbal storytelling, and I can easily imagine it being a poet who first ignited the creative spark in mankind. And then we have the greats, Emily Dickinson, Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Frost, William Shakespeare and so forth…. and while yes, their work should still be admired, we cannot forget about the poets who are changing our world on this very day. We have a wonderful wave of new poets to revere, and it is Oprelle Publication’s mission to bring to light as many as we can. To share their compelling words with you and ensure they aren’t so easily lost or forgotten. We hope to feature some of the best poems we receive and highlight their astounding creators, as well as discuss the publishing industry as a whole, on this blog. We are so thrilled that you share our passion for reading and can’t wait to give you more!

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