I think the word I would use to describe the last few months would be overwhelming. Of course, this word isn’t surprising, all things given. Regardless, I think so many of us are working to overcome feeling overwhelmed. We continue to work, if we can, whether in person or through a screen. We continue to keep ourselves clean, to cook, to stay well and keep those around us the same. However, as overwhelming days turn into weeks and even months, I can’t help but take a moment to acknowledge how I have been--overwhelmed.

Maybe you are like me; I don’t like to admit that I feel overwhelmed, or stressed, or unable to do something on my own. I want to approach life with fierce independence, but lately, I’ve been unable to do so. In these times of overwhelming news, change, growth, I want to ask you to acknowledge the things that have made you feel overwhelmed. Take a moment and reflect on the events that leave you breathless. When you’re finished, ask yourself “what do I need to get through this overwhelming time?” And, once you answer, seek out that solution.

The solution to feeling overwhelmed may be simple. Perhaps it’s something as small as writing, or reading, or taking a moment to listen to a Podcast you’ve been wanting to hear. Maybe it’s more complicated--maybe what you need is to reach out to someone you love, and start a conversation about how to navigate through these stressful times. Whatever it is, I encourage you to find what you need. Now more than ever, we all need something.



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